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About Yaelisa

Yaelisa (Artistic Director/ Choreographer) is one of the most gifted Flamenco artists of her generation. Raised by a Spanish flamenco artist, she was surrounded from birth by the rhythms, gestures and vocal laments of the art in its purest form, where her unique improvisational abilities began to flourish. At the age of 4 she danced on the stage of the famous Casa Madrid, and her immersion in flamenco culture became a part of her life because of her mother, the renowned singer/dancer Isa Mura. She has performed with many of Spain’s finest artists, including Alejandro Granados, Antonio “El Pipa,” Manuel and Antonio Malena, Domingo Ortega, Enrique “El Extremeno,” Yeye de Cádiz, Mateo Soleá, El Junco, Juan Ogalla, Geronimo, Felipe Maya and others. Since 1986, Yaelisa has spent extensive periods of time living and performing in Spain, presenting her choreography there and in the U.S. In 1995, she was one of eleven international choreographers in Spain invited to present her choreography at the prestigious Certámen de Coreografía in Madrid, and the only American choreographer chosen among them. Internationally recognized as a master teacher, Yaelisa has developed a teaching style that emphasizes cultural understanding and knowledge of the cante. Her unique improvisational knowledge and history lend an authority to her workshops and classes, and many of her students and dancers have gone on to study and perform in Spain and the U.S. She is the recipient of an Emmy Award for Choreography for the PBS program, "Desde Cádiz a Sevilla," an NEA Choreography Fellowship, an Isadora Duncan Dance Award for excellence in the category of “Best Company Performance,” and was chosen as one of ABC-7’s “Profiles in Excellence” Hispanic leadership awardees. She and her Company have worked in film, music video and television, and as guest artists for the Pacific Symphony and California Symphony orchestras. Yaelisa is the co-founder and artistic director of the New World Flamenco Festival held at the Irvine Barclay Theater in Irvine, California each year since 2001.

Welcome to my new flamenco blog!

This new flamenco blog offers flamenco students, teachers, aficionados and others interested in flamenco a means to ask and discuss various topics with a world-renowned, Emmy Award-winning dancer and choreographer.   Yaelisa, a second generation flamenco artist, was exposed to flamenco from birth and her decades of close involvement in the art as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, producer and curator working alongside some of the world’s greatest flamenco artists provides her a unique insight and knowledge base in every facet of flamenco from cante to the history of the art.  As a celebrated educator and arbiter of flamenco, Yaelisa wishes to share her expertise openly with those desiring to know more about this mysterious and often misunderstood art called flamenco.  She invites you to ask any question  – no question is trivial, so welcome to the site!

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