Welcome to my new flamenco blog!

This new flamenco blog offers flamenco students, teachers, aficionados and others interested in flamenco a means to ask and discuss various topics with a world-renowned, Emmy Award-winning dancer and choreographer.   Yaelisa, a second generation flamenco artist, was exposed to flamenco from birth and her decades of close involvement in the art as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, producer and curator working alongside some of the world’s greatest flamenco artists provides her a unique insight and knowledge base in every facet of flamenco from cante to the history of the art.  As a celebrated educator and arbiter of flamenco, Yaelisa wishes to share her expertise openly with those desiring to know more about this mysterious and often misunderstood art called flamenco.  She invites you to ask any question  – no question is trivial, so welcome to the site!

Ask your questions by entering it into the LEAVE COMMENT section below.

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